Visitors Policy

​​​During the school day we welcome parents, caregivers and visitors at appropriate times.  St Columba's visitors policy is in place as a part of our emergency evacuation procedure and in the interest of safety for the children in our care. 


Except on occasions such as athletic events, open days or similar public events, all visitors during regularly scheduled school hours must report to the office, sign in electronically and receive a visitor's sticker to display clearly. This Visitor's sticker must be visible at all times while on the school premises.  


Any employee or parent/caregiver who sees a stranger on campus without a visitor’s sticker should stop and ask if they might help that individual. They should accompany the individual to the office to sign in electronically, unless they encounter resistance. If this occurs, staff should immediately report that individual to the office.​

The Principal has the authority to exclude from the school premises any person/s disrupting the educational programmes taking place, disturbing the teachers or students or there for the purpose of committing an illegal act. The Principal will engage law enforcement officials if the situation warrants it.

All visitors will sign out electronically at the office at the conclusion of their visit.  

IMPORTANT: Please complete the mandatory training requirements for ALL volunteers in compliance with Brisbane Catholic Education guidelines, which can be found at the BCE policies tab on the homepage of this website. 

Please find the policy in its entirety at the following link:​​

St Columba's - Visitors Policy.pdf