St Columba’s School, Wilston is part of a large system of Catholic Parish schools in the Archdiocese of Brisbane and is administered by Brisbane Catholic Education. In complementing and supporting the evangelising role of the Catholic Parish of Wilston, our school provides quality Catholic Education to those families who desire it for their children.

An invitation to enrol siblings for Prep is provided through the school newsletter during the first term of the year prior to the child commencing at St Columba’s. All parents will be required to complete appropriate enrolment procedures.

Where positions are not available for all who apply, applications may be given preference according to the categories listed below. In processing an application the principal may consider factors such as a student’s educational and behavioural history.

Order of enrolment priority:

  1. Children of families who have siblings currently enrolled at this school
  2. Children of families who are active members of the Wilston Parish and reside within the parish boundaries
  3. Children of families who are active members of the Wilston Parish but reside outside the parish area
  4. Children of Catholic families who belong to other Catholic parishes and reside outside the local parish area
  5. Children of Christian families resident in the local area
  6. Children of Christian families not resident in the local area
  7. Further applicants: each case will be considered on its merits

Children with diverse needs who are residents in the Parish will be enrolled according to the school community’s ability to provide a quality education for them. This will be assessed using the “Special Needs Enrolment Process” set out by Brisbane Catholic Education and will be reviewed on a regular basis.

It is the responsibility of parents to disclose all relevant information regarding a child's diverse needs at the time of making application for enrolment.

In making an application to enrol a child, parents are showing that they are prepared to commit themselves to working in cooperation with school personnel for the benefit of their child. An offer of placement is conditional upon acceptance by parents of school policies and guidelines, including the School Fees Policy, which govern school practices.