School Song

​​​​​​St Columba’s School Song – We’re on a Journey

(Bede Lipman, Kevin Walsh)

We’re on a journey, this is where we start.
Life is an ocean, our choracle departs.
God’s star will guide us, reach out to a friend.
We will help each other to reach the shore again.

We’re building a community, we’re the family of God.
Where everyone has a place, where everyone belongs.
We’re learning to be leaders, to think of others first.
To listen to each other and help when someone’s hurt.

We want to build a better world, where every voice is heard.
Where difference can be valued, we’re living out God’s word.
Hold out our hands in welcome, hold out our hands in love.
To the person who is hurting, they are a part of us.

School Song

With thanks to St Columba's parents for collaborating on this song. 

©Brisbane Catholic Education, St Columba's School Primary Wilston (2023)​