P & F

​Parents and Friends Association

By definition, the parents of each child attending the school are members of the Parents and Friends Association. The management of the P&F is undertaken by an Executive committee consisting of members elected each year, the principal and parish priest. All parents are encouraged to be actively involved in its activities. General Meetings are held regularly throughout the year and their timing is advertised in the school newsletter. All parents are welcome to attend. Committees play an important part in developing and communicating the current and future activities of the association.

The association takes an active role in support of the school and the development of the total school community. A statement of the Guidelines of the P&F is given below to attempt to define this role.

Role Statement for P&F

The P&F will work towards enhancing the learning environment for the students and staff of St Columba’s to optimise our children’s life education.

We will work towards building a community spirit that allows full participation of all parents at the school.

Key points for decision making

In considering the commitment of P&F resources, the P&F key roles should be reviewed in order:

  • To maintain existing P&F initiatives and assets and to maintain a long term focus.
  • To target the support and implementation of special resources for the school outside of either education or parish budgets.
  • To promote activities that build the partnership between parents and the school and the Parish.
  • To be actively involved in the dissemination of information throughout the school community.

Operating Guidelines

Formation of committees to deal with specific areas of activity.

Committees to generate proposals for review of general meetings.

Monthly general meetings to review current status of existing initiatives and for discussion on future initiatives.

Development of budget for the year, from basis of longer term budget e.g. 5 year budget.

Delegates to attend external activities as representatives of P&F.

The Federation of Parents & Friends Associations of Catholic Schools in Queensland

 P & F Constitution.pdf

 2023 P&F Meeting Dates.pdf