​​​​​​Coordinator - Jess Scott
Assistant Coordinator - Steph Mitchell,
Educational Leader- Steph Mitchell
Email: wilstonoshc@catholicearlyedcare.qld.edu.au 
Kedron Brook Rd, Wilston, QLD, 4051
m. 0459 239 060

St Columba’s OSHCare aims to provide the highest possible care and supervision for all children attending the program. It is through the dedication of our educators that a safe and stimulating environment can be achieved.

As a licensed service we are bound to comply with The Education and Care Services National Law 2010 and The Education and Care Services National Regulation 2010, including requirements relating to the Children’s program, numbers of children and staff, and staff qualifications. Additionally we work with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority to ensure that all requirements and care are of a safe and suitable standard.

The service aims to provide support to families through the provision of:

  • Quality care in a safe and secure environment for all children from Prep to Year 6, without bias and prejudice.
  • An environment in which the importance of middle childhood is supported through the provision of social and recreational activities.
  • An opportunity for all children to develop social skills and life skills, whilst being supported by educators aligned with 'My Time, Our Place'.
  • Quiet areas for reflection and the completion of school tasks.
  • Opportunities for self initiated imaginative play and fun, through programming that reflects the children’s likes, interests and hobbies.

Parent Involvement

We encourage open communication with parents and welcome any suggestions or comments you may have. We also welcome you at the service at any time.​​