School Prayer

St Columba’s School Prayer 

God of Truth, Wisdom and Light,
You gave us your power and your might.
St Columba is our patron saint from another land,
He teaches us how to offer a friendly, helpful hand.
Archbishop James Duhig laid the foundation stone,
To build a school community with a Catholic tone.
Mother Mary Cuthbert Cullinan was a Good Samaritan nun,
The first Principal of our school who made learning fun.
We, the community of St Columba’s are very proud,
Because differences are valued and asking is allowed.
Give us courage to choose what is right and just for all,
Learning to live and work together is our Christian call.
Bless us on our journey of life, now and forever,
As we live by our motto, ‘God’s Glory Always’.

St Columba's School Prayer.pdf

With thanks to St Columba's staff for collaborating on this prayer. ​

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