We endeavour to provide your children with healthy choices in accordance with the Smart Choices guidelines. These guidelines are from the Queensland Government Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools.

This strategy requires that schools offer students a range of healthy food and drinks, consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children. The system is colour coded similar to traffic lights to easily identify the healthier choices.  GREEN is the healthiest food and drink category based on the basic five food groups. Followed by AMBER foods and drinks should be eaten in moderation.  Items in this category still contain nutritional value, however have some sugar, salt or fat added to them. RED category items are an occasional food or drink choice and lack adequate nutritional value. St Columba’s do not have any red items on our menu. 

Hours of Operation

We are open each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Lunch and Afternoon Tea.  


To place an order at the Tuckshop, parents will need to use the Munch Monitor online ordering portal.

To set up an account visit the Munch Monitor website.

In the LOGIN box use the following:

Username: stcolumbas
Password: munch4051

Follow the instructions to complete the set up of an account and new login details.

Parents are able to order up until 8:00am on each Tuckshop day.

​You can order up to one month in advance.

Would you like to be a Volunteer? 

Our tuckshop can only exist if we have volunteers and we welcome you to join in the fun of tuckshop and see the enjoyment on your child’s face when you serve them from behind the counter.  We have a very friendly environment and working as a tuckshop volunteer is a fabulous opportunity to meet other parents in the school. Volunteers are rostered on a monthly basis from 8:30am (or before if possible) until 2:00pm. We are flexible within these times for volunteers who, for example, may be able to offer 2 hours of their time.
Please contact Yvonne McCabe on 0438 128 439 or mick.yvonne@hotmail.com  if you are interested in joining the team.