School Board

St Columba’s School has a formally constituted School Board. In essence, the Board is a policy making and advisory team that has an awareness of the shared ministry in the Church’s educational mission, and whose members together build policies that are based on Gospel values. These policies give direction to the school and promote its distinctive identity. Prayerful reflection and considered, consensual decision making are the operating principles of the School Board.

The Board works closely with the Strategic Renewal Framework for Catholic Schooling in the Archdiocese of Brisbane. This document is the outcome of a collaborative process with all the stakeholders of the Catholic schools in our Archdiocese. The Framework details collaboratively developed Archdiocesan educational priorities, intentions and expectations that provide direction to the renewal process at the local school level. It also informs Brisbane Catholic Education Centre planning and supporting processes.

School renewal is an intentional capacity building activity that addresses the purposes and processes for Catholic schooling and which fosters and manages positive change and growth for students, staff and our local community. Our school renewal plan:

  • is a collaborative effort involving principal, staff, students, clergy, school board and parents shaping the future together
  • identifies how the school intends to achieve its goal to further develop the quality and effectiveness of learning and teaching in all key learning areas
  • outlines how we intend to strengthen our capacity to provide for the diverse needs of students
  • highlights a coordinated strategic approach to staff professional development
  • informs our annual goal setting, review and reporting to the local and Diocesan Community

The Pastoral Model of School or College Board