Prep Enrolment 2019

​​For Prep Applications for Enrolment, please click the link below to download all relevant information and forms.  Alternatively, telephone the school office between 8.00am and 4.00pm (3356 9866) and make a request for information and forms to be forwarded in the post.  Please note, Application Forms need to be returned to the school office as a signed hard copy, with attached documentation.  (Please refer to the Enrolments Note Booklet in the link below.)

Prep Applications for 2019 need to be lodged at  the school office by 4.00pm Friday 23rd February 2018.

Please note that completion of this form does not guarante the enrolment of your child.  Enrolment will depend upon the availability of an appropriate placement for your child and the satisfactory completion of an intervew between yourself/yourselves and the principal in accordance with our Enrolment Policy.



 Letter to Parents re Enrolments for 2019.pdf

 St Columba's Enrolment Policy.pdfSt Columba's Enrolment Policy.pdf

Parent Input Sheet

Information Access

Enrolment Application - Form - Electronic Version.pdfEnrolment Application - Form - Electronic Version.pdf

Notes Booklet One Line Version

Commitment to Inclusive Education.pdf

Post Prep Enrolment Data Gathering.pdfPost Prep Enrolment Data Gathering.pdf